Sally Hansen: Find Your Valen-Shine

Sally Hansen: Find Your Valen-Shine

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with premium POS

This Valentine's Day, we celebrated the loved-filled holiday with the launch of the Sally Hansen Valen-Shine campaign.

Reminiscent of love heart candy, the 'sweet' design for this POS is undeniably eye-catching with bright colours and love-positive messaging.

We designed, developed and manufactured premium FSDU's and hotspots which were launched into Boots stores across the UK. Boots maintain strict guidelines for POS specification, which must be adhered to without question. Manufacturing thousands of units for retailers and grocers each week, we easily and swiftly adapt designs to suit each spec. But it doesn't mean that we're afraid to bush the boundaries of what's possible!

Behind The Scenes

Experiencing our POS in-store is one thing, but understanding how we craft each piece is pivotal. Once the artwork reaches final sign-off, our production team have the green light to begin the build.

The production line is entirely in-house, only metres away from our account managers, CAD designers and artwork team - ensuring us full autonomy over the build without external parties involved.

Insight into our behind the scenes is important for us to share, as you may see a singular piece of POS in-store but there are hundreds or even thousands flying out of our warehouse daily.

Take a look at the video below for a snapshot of our production line for the Valen-Shine unit.

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