Heineken: Branded Low&No Fixtures

Heineken: Low&No Branded Fixtures

Changing the low/no narrative in grocery 

Our attitude towards alcohol is changing, and we’ve reached a point whereby “half of UK adults (49%) are either not drinking any alcohol or are planning to cut down soon – a potential market of 25 million people.” (Club Soda)

The no-alcohol trend boomed during the tail end of the pandemic, transforming the month-long Dry January into a complete determination to drink more mindfully. With the sale of these beverages expected to grow by over 30% in 2024, Sainsburys have ensured to prioritise the low&no category in-stores.

As the retail agency to liaise between Heineken and Sainsbury's, we introduced the new branded low&no fixtures with an important focus on changing the narrative around the category.

Low&No alcohol is no longer a necessity for designated drivers and medical requirements, it is a collective of tasty beverages which compete with their alcoholic alternatives. The fixtures highlight this positive transition with messages such as "say yes to alcohol free".

The Mindful Drinking Trend

We might be introducing the odd low/no drink with our usual alcoholic tipple in an attempt at moderating our drinking. Or perhaps we’re making the move towards becoming entirely teetotal. Regardless of the individual journey, one thing has become clear and that is the concept of mindful drinking. Driving this concept is a generation of younger individuals, motivated to reduce hangovers and consider the long-term risks to their health. However, despite a younger generation fuelling this mindful drinking trend, it has become obvious that alcohol alternatives are greatly desired by a wide range of consumers.

Sainsburys and Heineken have begun the transition towards a more positive, welcoming low&no category but both the brand the retailer recognise that there is still an evolution to be continued. Moving forwards, it is important for brands, retailers, designers and grocers to continually break down the barriers between alcohol and low/no alternatives, offering a seamless transition towards moderation in-line with new consumer desires.

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