An out of the ordinary retail space.

We created a quirky, beautiful and functional space - working with the fabric of an old building in Edinburgh to provide the perfect retail backdrop for Deciem’s products and brand messaging.

Deciem started trading in 2013 with one product in one market. They evolved quickly under the management of visionary founder Brandon Truaxe and became one of the most disruptive operators in the beauty business. With ranges such as ‘The Ordinary’ Deciem have built an award- winning reputation for uncomplicated, effective, quality products.

Impact started working with Deciem in 2016, and have worked together on many projects, including, store fit retail design, point of sale and concessions. Working directly with the leadership team in Canada we’ve been committed to fulfilling the legacy of founder Brandon Truaxe, whose personal vision and values are firmly at the heart of everything Deciem do.

Having worked with the company so closely for so long we’ve a deep understanding of the essence of the brand.

We’re proud ambassadors for the Deciem brand and have been able to offer both practical and strategic support to the small UK team – helping to create spaces that are a true representation of Brandon’s vision.


With the client team based in Canada we managed the project on the ground, making use of technology to keep the client in the picture. Technical teams in both countries kept in touch by exchanging and commenting on photos and videos of the site as the job progressed. We incorporated live troubleshooting sessions and video conferencing to accommodate the time difference.

Some challenges were simply problems to solve – how to make a damp basement fit for storing stock – others presented opportunities to do something clever and interesting.

"Quality today means being authentic, being different, being functional, being beautiful and being sensibly priced, even to the wealthy ... We choose to serve the educated, the curious and the intelligent who appreciate our dedication to this very genuine definition of quality.”

Brandon Truaxe, Deciem Founder


As the building was so old, some of the internal walls were lined with a traditional horsehair and lime plaster. We hadn’t anticipated stripping the walls back but they weren’t fit for a modern retail environment. Behind the crumbling render was the original brickwork, aged, authentic and full of character. With an in-depth understanding of the Deciem brand, we saw a beautiful design feature rather than a problem. The walls were subsequently stripped back to reveal the original bricks behind, which we sealed and preserved as a fantastic addition to the look and feel of the store.

Our cost-effective, creative solutions appealed to the Deciem design team, they gave the store additional character and warmth.


Deciem stores have a very specific look, victorian apothecary meets industrial loft living – exposed walls, lots of metal industrial fittings and fixtures and white porcelain subway tiles behind the cash desk. The architects’ brief simply dictates a white tiled wall, it seems straightforward but the devil is in the detail – small things make a big difference.

Darren, Project Manager, Impact

“Finishing details really matter. Although the Deciem brand style feels unfinished, old and exposed it is in fact a carefully curated look and finish that takes a high degree of skill to execute.”


The final result was a beautiful space and we felt proud that we’d helped Deciem to create a new store that truly reflected the founder’s vision of the brand.

Throughout the project we offered expert guidance and costed suggestions – providing enough information so that the client on the other side of the world could feel confident that the decisions they were taking were the right decisions.

We continue to work closely with Deciem as true partners on the ground in Europe, helping to steer the growth and development of the brand, recently working on two store fits in Paris.

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