ghd: Duet Style Pop-Up

ghd: Duet Style Pop-Up

Launching the most innovative haircare technology 

ghd have been an iconic haircare staple for years now, unfailing in their attempts to become one of the most sought after brands.

Behind the scenes, the revered brand have been working tirelessly for 9 years to create the first 2-in-1 hot air styler which offers “no compromise to hair health”. 9 years! That’s how long ghd have dedicated to the creation and launch of their super-secret product. So, it comes as no surprise to see the Duet Style splashed across social media with exemplary reviews from professionals and influencers alike.

The next step: launching in physical locations across the UK.

Launching an Innovative Pop-Up

Since its inception in 2004, pop-up retail has been the king of 'fomo', driving shoppers the quirkiest of locations to experience a product or service first-hand. And so, a pop-up space for ghd was unquestionably the perfect avenue for the Duet Style Launch.

If you’ve witnessed the brand or product on social media, you’ll be well versed in how successful the launch has been. Celebs, influencers and shoppers (predominantly millennial and gen-z) have highlighted rave reviews for the product, making it well-worth the 9 years of innovation behind the scenes.

We designed an innovative brand activation which would showcase the power of reviews, engagement and tactility when it comes to shopper experience. Launching in three Selfridges locations – Oxford Street, Trafford and Birmingham – the pop-up is in-store for just under a week each time.

Luxury remains at the forefront of the brand’s retail activations, with ghd’s sleek black & gold colour palette unfailing in its attempts to highlight premium brand quality.

This is further amplified in multiple key touchpoints throughout the pop-up space. The liquid metal backdrop is easily the first area to draw the attention. Complete with ring-light for the ultimate shopper selfie, the liquid metal is suggestive of running water and makes the for the perfect wet-to-dry backdrop.

Wrapped around the column are large-scale screens featuring Duet Style digital content and optical illusion motor-fans which appear to rotate as shoppers pass by.

The Duet Style is presented in three different ways – showcased within a glass-case, lay atop a gold-finished unit and within the stylist’s area, ready to be trialled by engaged shoppers. For those who do not wish to have their own hair utilised in the trial, hair extensions provide the tactility of trying the Duet Style prior to purchase.

After 9 years in the making, the Duet Style retail marketing does not stop here. Watch this space for more innovation from ghd.

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