Jeroboams: Retail Identity

Jeroboams: Premium Retail Strategy

An enviable retail space for Jeroboams Wimbledon

For over thirty years, Jeroboams have been at the heart of some of London’s oldest neighbourhoods; offering a wealth of experience in fine wines, as well as beers, spirits, charcuterie and cheeses.

Just before Christmas 2022, we could finally reveal our latest project for the Jeroboams Wimbledon store. Launching mid-December, the revamped store kicked off the festive season, but the brand has huge plans for the years ahead, including innovative wine tastings, seasonal offers and insight into investment and brokering; all of which can take place during a visit to the store itself.

Jeroboams approached Impact Retail with a brief featuring multiple objectives: an improved in-store journey which promoted exploration, a retail narrative which was currently missing from the store and a way for shoppers to be more adventurous with their choices. All these objectives would be underscored by the requirement for the store to hold over 600 bottles of wine, as well as the deli and gifting items.

A Journey of Exploration

Our strategy began with thorough research of the local Wimbledon area, as well as competitive wine merchants and delis throughout London. As Jeroboams have multiple stores across the capital, it was important to create a strategy which would perform in every location and offer a competitive advantage.

Next, we focused solely on a journey of exploration. With such a wide range of products in-store, Jeroboams’ shoppers could easily become overwhelmed with choice. Instead, we wanted to promote a more adventurous exploration of the Jeroboams offer, with shoppers encouraged to try something new. At the heart of this exploration was a chance to uncover information about wine, regardless of whether the shopper believed themselves to be a beginner or a connoisseur.

While this wine discovery could be easily administered by the Jeroboams staff, we wanted to ensure that shoppers could feel encouraged and educated by the store itself. Throughout the entirety of the space, the graphic communication acts as a Jeroboams ambassador, advising shoppers on everything from the taste profiles through to the occasion or the perfect food pairing. Prices are clearly detailed within the information tags, so consumers can make an informed choice. Most importantly, each piece of the graphic communication is aligned to create one narrative for the Jeroboams voice.

To create a sense of normalcy for shoppers, the wines are defined by country as per many competitors. But the point of difference in Jeroboams is the Fine Wine sections, clearly marked using rich emerald green and luxury gold metalwork. Despite the premium nature of these wines meaning a higher price point, they are presented with accessibility rather than locked away in glass cabinets. This, once again, highlights our strategy for a journey of exploration.

Premium Design Choices

The interior of the Jeroboams Wimbledon store is a sleek mix of real oak, black metalwork, rich green tones and elegant gold finishes. With the knowledge that the store would feature many products, we kept the rest of the design palette relatively muted with white walls, soft lighting and minimal disruption.

Sustainability also played a huge role in the development of the store, removing the classic use of plastic shelf strips and replacing them with beautifully crafted oak and metal fronts for the units and high-quality paper inserts for the graphics.

Key to the design choices was the acknowledgement of multiple Jeroboams stores. Green, black and gold with the use of premium timber will become the recognisable material palette for Jeroboams across each store; creating consistency for shoppers who may visit multiple locations across the capital.

An Ongoing Strategy

The first revitalised Jeroboams store is in Wimbledon, but we are already working on the next location in London which will be revealed soon! We also have additional updates to Wimbledon, including a beautiful tasting room which will be home to a myriad of wine-based events with the Jeroboams wine merchants.

Stay tuned as we reveal our continuous retail story for the wonderful Jeroboams brand.

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