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Authentic Sustainability and Being Full-On Eco-Ecthical

An exciting, forward-thinking brand designed with GenZ for all generations, haircare specialists weDo describe themselves as ‘the new positive activist full-on eco-ethical brand’.

Championing authentic sustainability, every choice is a conscious one for the brand. The pillars of their products are clean ingredients, sustainable materials (100% recyclable), natural origins and ethical practises (certified cruelty free and vegan). Plus, in partnership with Plastic Bank, for every weDo product sold, eight plastic bottles are removed from the environment.

As part of their brand launch globally, weDo approached Impact to support in the display design and distribution of point of sale, permanent merchandising units and other display elements in a high-volume roll out across the UK to hair salons. Every part and process needed to be considered to achieve a fully sustainable project from start to finish.

Materials Matter

All materials needed to be the upmost quality, being sustainably sourced with the correct certification, able to be recycled with correct certification, and be sourced from a UK supplier where possible to keep the carbon footprint low.

The salon display designs focus on natural bamboo and greenery. Bamboo is a key material for the brand, being a staple renewable resource in North American agriculture. Its oils are used in weDo products themselves and their packaging is also made from it. Therefore, the brand requested all their permanent display items to be made from bamboo, again ensuring it is sustainably sourced. Greenery in the displays are faux plants that are completely recyclable.

The Salon Brand Identity

Being distributed to a range of independent and larger hair salons, the environments would be variable in layout and have varying restrictions on space. Therefore, a kit of elements was ideal and designed for salons to use in different configurations to meet their own needs.

weDo supplied us with their vision for their display kit they wished to provide to salons, with different options to make an effective display no matter the size and space in the salon. We worked with the brand to develop a fantastic display kit with options including floor stands, wall fixtures, counter units for reception desks, and range dividers to highlight the segments within the brand and make for easy shopping for the customer.

All elements needed to work individually and together with clear and strong branding to ensure however they may be used in salons, a strong brand identity was still maintained. A mix of shapes and sizes would help create diversity and interest in the visual story.

Salon Look: Cobella

Salon Look: Chop Chop

Authentic Sustainability

From research undertaken this year by Deloitte, we know that 50% of consumers are willing to pay more for environmental and ethical brands in the UK, while 45% of Gen Z consumers have stopped purchasing from certain brands because of ethical or sustainability concerns.

Shoppers want brands to be transparent and accountable in their environmental and ethical responsibility. weDo is a great example of a brand who adopts sustainability and eco-ethical values throughout their products and processes, championing a completely authentic approach.

We are proud to work with and be able to support such an authentic brand in their values and are excited to continue to help develop their salon presence in the UK with new and creative display solutions.

The weDo floor stands were assembled in our own workshop, take a look at the process...

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Thank you to Cobella, Kensington, and Chop Chop, Wembley, for allowing us to photograph your beautiful salons.

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