Crafting Jillian Dempsey’s Retail Presence

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Launching an international brand into H Beauty

One thing we have had plenty of experience of at Impact (as well as making the tea round) is introducing brands to new markets.

We love this kind of work, as it offers the opportunity to help brands venture into new and interesting directions with spaces that are tailored for their environments while staying true to their branding. With epic retail knowledge and brand expertise, we’ve supported the launch of new brands, new retailers, brands into the UK and brands into retail.

Our work with legendary makeup artist, Jillian Dempsey and her incredible makeup brand fell into these categories. We were tasked with helping the brand launch into the new Harrods beauty hall, H Beauty, Milton Keynes.

Translating A Brand Story For Retail

To be able to translate this brand story for its luxury retail space, we first worked with their team to understand and capture the essence of the brand. The name behind the brand is professional makeup artist Jillian Dempsey, who is best known for creating stunning red carpet looks for Hollywood’s elite.

She is also a celebrated sculptor, painter, entrepreneur and animal activist. The Jillian Dempsey brand style focuses on a meticulous appreciation for colour and texture, creating a fresh look that highlights individual beauty, while products are made with skin-loving, natural and organic ingredients.

Leading the way with innovation and high impact approaches, this Female Owned Business (the majority of shares in the business are owned by people who identify as female) operates an organic and cruelty-free ethos.

'The total Moët & Chandon portfolio increased by +28% in volume, significantly outperforming the control stores.'

‘With a non-negotiable insistence on organic, naturally derived ingredients that are vegan and cruelty-free, and a commitment to filling a genuine need and not further cluttering an already abundant market, the Jillian Dempsey line is sophisticated, tightly edited, high-performance, and effortless.’


Our design team began with initial mood boards to capture the essence of the visual story with colour, tactility, and shape. Key themes of the brand are authenticity, sophistication and effortlessness and these needed to radiate from any designs. Choosing a contrast of raw textures with softer finishes, pastels, and slight curves, the brand agreed on a fresh and effortless approach.

Organic & Natural Visual Storytelling

After finalising the visual essence, we then created the retail display design from our mood board inspiration. The look and feel used a juxtaposition of soft blush pink and raw concrete edging, to illustrate the play of organic and natural beauty.

This effortless display design mimics the ethos of the brand, offering simple style with natural colour and texture to highlight the individual beauty of the products.

To support the visual storytelling of the retail display, lifestyle graphics frame the shelves and are presented in steel holders to complement the grey concrete elements.

Products are laid out on the shelving to test while illuminated pads underneath offer a glowing halo, removing barriers and inviting touch and interaction, by enhancing the tactility of the display.

Presenting The Luxury Hero

The top shelf hero is an exciting space to elevate the theatre of the hero Jillian Dempsey product, a luxe 24K gold bar made in Japan. This vibrating bar is a sculpting and contouring tool that mimics the effect of massage. Using various levels of staging, we presented this hero product in the ethos of Jillian as a sculptor herself and constructed a bespoke concrete-effect podium.

The product podium is set against a backdrop of a sensual lifestyle image illuminated in a lightbox and perfectly balanced with key selling points to enhance shopper understanding of this new innovation.

‘Professional, impeccable service. Impact go the extra mile in providing a luxury, high quality display that aligns to the brands voice.’

– Jillian Dempsey

A gorgeous and carefully crafted space for brand-storytelling and product presentation, the Jillian Dempsey retail display in Harrods H Beauty has seen great success for the brand in this new market and we are excited to continue working with them in their retail presence and telling their authentic brand story.

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