Seven Retail Installs in the New Harrods Beauty Halls

Impact Retail were approached by seven different beauty brands who needed expert retail marketing support to secure their place in one of the world’s most coveted beauty destinations. The new multi-million pound regeneration project saw Harrods create a huge, stylish, experiential space for cosmetics and skincare brands, with no room for anything less than amazing!

The Beauty Halls house more than 30 luxury brands and are dedicated to glamour and decadence – a place to see and experience the best, the latest and the greatest products in beauty.

“My vision is to create a fully immersive brand experience like nowhere else in the world. It is a place to discover the world’s most innovative new beauty products, as well as celebrate can’t-live-without icons. Most of all, it will be a must-visit destination and a platform for creating engaging, must-see content for our clients."

Annalise Fard, Harrods Director of Beauty

The creation of the Beauty Halls was a complex in-store regeneration project which moved existing beauty brands already featured in Harrods to the new 90,000sq ft area, as well as creating space for new and exciting beauty products and services.

The first phase of the three-stage launch was in June 2019, followed by a skincare emporium in October 2019 and completed in January 2020 with the opening of a new concierge service and a suite of spa treatment rooms.


Impact Retail were approached by seven different brands who needed expert retail marketing support to secure their place in one of the world’s most coveted beauty destinations. Some were existing clients, already in Harrods that needed help to create something awe-inspiring for the new space. Others were new clients who came to us to access our knowledge and experience of designing, producing and installing units in Harrods.

All the brands appreciated our experience in understanding how Harrods works. For example: restrictions on the types of materials that could be used, approval processes and installation preferences.

With so many brands being installed at once to be ready for high-profile launch dates we were one cog in a huge operation working around the clock to deliver a high quality finish for all our clients.


The first brand to approach us about their area in the Beauty Hall were Hourglass – a Californian cruelty free luxury beauty brand. They wanted to elevate the look of their existing designs to create something more sumptuous for the new space. The finish on their zig zag makeup displays were usually black so we executed the Midas touch – making the displays look like they were made of gold, raising the bar to match the new environment!

Thanks to an existing relationship with Estée Lauder, we were invited to get involved with creating the counters for two of their brands. All ready well-established in Harrods, Bobbi Brown and Mac, were the second and third Beauty Hall brands we took on. The brief here was to produce, print and install the acrylic elements for their retail counters.


We were then approached by Rodial as we were already doing all their UK fixtures. Newcomers to Harrods, they managed to get a space in the Powder Room, an area within the Beauty Hall dedicated to boutique brands, showcasing the latest innovations, combining cutting-edge retail technology with old-world glamour. Harrods installed ‘magic mirrors’ that use AI to digitally map facial features matching skin tone, eye and hair colour allowing customers to ‘virtually’ test products.

As well as being a space to house retail innovation, the Powder Room had furniture designed by Harrods, in the style of an exquisite stately home, and we needed to create designs to fit the furniture that was already there.

At this point in the process we were working with four brands going into the Beauty Hall, helping them to realise their creative vision. We had regular contact with the team in Harrods and they recommended us to La Bouche Rouge, well established in France but a new brand to the UK market. Our fifth installation was also to go into the Powder Room as an exemplar of a sustainable approach to beauty. La Bouche Rouge are creators of the very first eco-based microplastic-free lipstick refill in France,

Brand number six was By Terry, another French luxury makeup and beauty brand. We first met By Terry two days prior to launch when our team were working in Harrods installing the units we’d created. By Terry had hit a problem, their fixtures had arrived and did not fit. We thought we could help. So with just a couple of days to go, we pulled out all the stops to get something ready for launch.


Following the launch of stage one of the Beauty Halls, the seventh and final brand we worked with was Clinique, another Estée Lauder brand, who moved into the 9000sq ft dedicated Skincare Emporium. The Skincare Emporium is a white, bright space – with nowhere to hide, every retail installation has to be totally perfect. With a big glass and marble table to work with, we were asked to bring Clinque’s design to life, producing both visual merchandising elements and lighting.

The heritage and history of Harrods makes it a totally unique retail space to work in. Weaving through the ancient winding stairwells and corridors behind the scenes is always a memorable experience and working in a store that represents the pinnacle of quality for so many is a privilege.

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