Retail Forecast: Growth for Low&No

Retail Forecast: mindful drinking

Growth for the low&no category

We might be tired of hearing how the pandemic has altered our lifestyles, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some truth to it. A gentle interest in health and wellness surged into a full-grown demand during Covid-19, with many of us only engaging with brands and services which invest in our wellbeing.

While we've not all become zero-alcohol spiritual gurus (it’s ok if you have), we’ve certainly become more aware of making choices which benefit us socially, mentally and physically.

Introducing a new generation of mindful drinkers. No longer limited to the phrase ‘teetotal’ but a genuine interest in low / no options.

The Lo/No sector is on a meteoric rise and it is time for brand owners, retailers and department stores to establish this category across multiple channels.


In our latest whitepaper, we discuss the momentous growth of the low/no category and our considerations for a mindful future.

Mindful Drinking
The New Experiences
The Low/No Challenges
Room For Innovation
The Future

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